A Bit About Us at Ray’s Garage

Ray Mottlee owner of Ray's Garage Mechanic in Moss Street, Slacks Creek, Logan City for motor vehicle repairs and service LPG Install repair and service and Qld Vehicle Safety Certificates.

My name is Ray Mottlee and along with my wife Margaret we are owners of Ray’s Garage located at 54 Moss Street, Slacks Creek, Logan City. To get to know us I thought I would add a little bit of my history as a Mechanic.

I served my Apprenticeship as a fitter and turner with a company called “Gem Engines” in Revesby, NSW, machining components and rebuilding engines. My next move was to work for “L.W Parry Engine Reconditioners” before buying a small truck business. At that time I was a waterski nut from the age of 18 to 25 yrs. I moved on to work for a trucking company in Penrith as a mechanic / driver, where I met Margaret.

We both moved up to Qld in 1988 and bought a small vehicle mechanical shop at Coopers Plains, moving to Rocklea market doing mechanical repairs, LPG work and setting the speed limiters on the forklifts for the Market Corp.

I later went into a partnership with a chap from Energex and moved to Nerang doing LPG/Diesel conversions. This was tough going as it was a new business in a new area but I kept at it for 3 years, 7 days a week. After the Nerang shop, I worked for a LPG supplier and manufacturer at Albion in the R&D and faults department, when the GFC hit and my role was made redundant.

The start of Ray’s Garage…

As luck would have it, I was recommended to purchase the mechanical workshop at Moss Street, Slacks Creek, where we are now. Having this business in Logan City has been great, especially the wide variety of customers ranging from the serious to the passionate car fanatics, and as I am also a car fanatic, it seems I have found my place. 

…My Family

Margaret and I were married in 1990 and had our first child together Rochelle. Together with Marg’s son Adam, we lived at Yatala which was our first house.

We then moved to Windaroo which backed onto the golf course, and the house that we live in now is at Bannockburn which is 1.25 acres, nice street and neighbours. We love going to the markets and having day trips when we get the time. Margaret loves pottering around the yard and in her gardens, she mows the lawn as she does not like the way I mow. I like fishing when we can, but mainly I enjoy tinkering on my cars.